What do you get?

This Book Club was created for those that are unfamiliar with the Access Consciousness movement and want to know more. Many amazing certified facilitators contributed to this creation. It is my hope that this little yellow book will open you up to the possibilities of something far greater for your life and living. Is now the time to choose happiness?

  • Complete access to the book, with participation of 7 Access Consciousness Certified Facilitators

  • Video of chapters 4-14 dynamically read during the first Choosing Happiness Bookclub in 2020

  • Featuring: Heather Nichols, Emily Russell, Kass Thomas, Rebecca Hulse, Julia Mattis and Katerina Wallentin

  • The audio and video files are available to you here, indefinitely

This Book Club Contains

  • 1

    Choosing Happiness - Book Club

    • Forward - Written and Read by Heather Nichols

    • About the Author - Read by Emily Evans Russell

    • Chapter One - Read by Rudrani Devi

    • Chapter Two - Read by Rudrani Devi

    • Chapter Three - Read by Rudrani Devi

    • Chapter 4 & 5 with Kass Thomas, CF

    • Chapter 6 & 7 with Rebecca Hulse, CF

    • Chapters 8 & 9 with Julia Sotas Mattis, CF

    • Chapters 10 & 11 with Katerina Wallentin, CF

    • Chapters 12, 13 & 14 with Heather Nichols, CF


How can this Book Club be even more fun?

Happiness is a Choice


As a fellow author, speaker, healer, I found Devi's book to be a great resource to those who are just awakening to their true soul's voice. Happiness IS a choice and can be found all over if you start looking for it. To those searching, and those who may be interested in the tools of her mentors from Access Consciousness, this book is a good intro and lead in to both.